Maryland Acupuncture Society Member Benefits

A discount on items purchased at many companies. Click Here to see the list of companies on our website link page.

Discounts on seminars offered by Allied Organizations. (see link page)


You are eligible to become a member of Tower Federal Credit Union. Click here for more information.

The MAS Newsletter is distributed four times each year and features information on seminars, national and state news of significance to acupuncturists, and information on all of the work done by MAS committees.

Special events such as short seminars are available throughout the year. Times and Dates are listed in the newsletter and on the MAS website. Past seminars have been on gua sha, cupping, ethics and insurance issues at very low cost to MAS members.

MAS maintains a professional lobbyist in the Maryland state legislature to watch for significant legislation affecting acupuncturists.

MAS offers educational seminars by internationally known educators and practitioners to enhance clinical skills of members and provide continuing education credits. Members receive substantial discounts on fees.

geographic referral system

To assist members with referrals and marketing, MAS maintains a referral system on the Internet to allow the public to search for acupuncturists. Acupuncturists may also use the web site as a valuable resource for networking and referrals with fellow members. The web site is updated regularly and may be found at It has text search capabilities and can map the office locations of members and determine offices within a certain distance of the searcherís address.

Service on the MAS board or a committee is open to any licensed acupuncturist who becomes a member. Contact us if you are interested in service on a committee.