NCCAOM CEU Requirements

To Recertify from the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine:

  • All Diplomates are required to document a total of 60 PDA points in their four-year recertification cycle. The 60 PDA points are divided into two sections: 1) Competency Maintenance, and 2) Professional Development Activities.
  • A minimum of 30 PDA points must be earned from continuing education.
  • Of the 30, 4 must be in ethics or safety. Note that ethics is not required if you take a course on safety.
  • Another 11 must be in adjuct therapies or practice enhancement.
  • CPR certification is required within the four-year recertification cycle. The CPR card does not need to be current but must have been issued within the last four years. A maximum of four PDA points may be applied toward the 60 PDA points required for recertification; however, the points may not be used in the Safety/Ethics category under Competency Maintenance.
  • By attending just one large MAS CEU seminar a year for 4 years, you can earn 56 PDA points, and then just need to make sure you get your points for safety/ethics, CPR, and adjunct therapy and you have enough for recertification!

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Frequently Asked Question: If my license is not in Maryland, will my State Board say that the CEUs from MAS are not approved by the NCCAOM?

In a communication from NCCAOM to an attendee from Vermont in June 2012, NCCAOM stated:

" Thank you for your call today regarding your PDA points. After looking at your recent recertification application, I see that all of your points were counted as approved courses under the core competency area. The courses were approved as per NCCAOM policy that states (under the highlighted category) :

*Approved NCCAOM PDA Coursework*

NCCAOM accepts PDA points for coursework that is directly for the purpose of enhancing a Diplomate’s knowledge or practice in Oriental medicine and meet one of the following criteria:

• The course is offered by a current NCCAOM approved PDA provider.

• The course has been accepted by a state regulatory board for license renewal.

• The course has been accepted by a professional healthcare organization. "

Since MAS courses are approved by the Maryland State Board of Acupuncture for license renewal CEUs, All MAS courses are accepted by the NCCAOM and therefore should be accepted by any board which accepts NCCAOM PDAs or CEU.