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As well as upcoming seminar events, the Maryland Acupuncture Society also has distance learning courses for CEU/PDA Credit based on recordings of past seminars, and also seminar recordings without credits.

Past events are listed at the bottom of the page. For events prior to March 2013, click here.

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Upcoming events

    • 03 Nov 2018
    • (EDT)
    • 04 Nov 2018
    • (EST)
    • 2 sessions
    • Holistic Health Associates - 603 B West Patrick Street, Frederick, MD 21701
    • 30

    A one-day, hands-on workshop

    Choose one of the two sessions which are the same material

    What are dynamic pulses?

    Modern practitioners of acupuncture and herbal medicine generally make pulse diagnoses from “static pulses”, taking individual pulses without moving the fingers. However, through fine and complex finger movements, “Dynamic Pulses” can discern the communication and blockages between the Zang and Fu organs, and the nature of imbalances between them. In this workshopparticipants will learn this highly effective pulse technique, with hands-on instruction and direct feedback from the presenter and her assistants.

    Participants will learn:        

    • Understand the parameters of depth, width, length, tempo and texture of all pulses and their implications in all positions. 

    • Gain the ability to diagnose issues with organ function by probing the pulse

    • Learn the thorough, step-by-step method of Dynamic Pulse reading

    • Identify blockages in the diaphragm and in Dai Mai in the pulses

    • Improve diagnostic skills without relying on signs and symptoms

    Presented by Ann Cecil-Sterman 

    Ann Cecil-Sterman, MS, L.Ac, is the author of several widely acclaimed books, including Advanced Acupuncture: A Clinic Manual, Pulse Diagnosis: A Clinic Manual, and Dynamic Pulses, the of content which will be explored in this hands-on workshop. Ann is a long-time student and colleague of Dr. Jeffrey Yuen. She travels all over the United States and Europe to teach the application and methodology of the Complement Channels,the art of pulse diagnosis, and the use of food as medicine.

    Pending for NCCAOM PDA

    no plan to get CALIFORNIA CEUs, CA Provider #731, Fulfills Category #1 requirements for license renewal.   

    Cancellation Policy: Registrations must be cancelled prior to October 3, 2018 and only a 75% refund will be given. After that time you will not receive a refund.


Past events

10 Mar 2018 MAS Membership Meeting - March 2018
10 Mar 2018 8 Extraordinary Vessels and Fulfilling Destiny - Jeffrey Yuen - 14 CEU available
11 Nov 2017 Korean Hand Acupuncture and Therapy presented by Dr. Dan Lobash Ph.D., L.Ac. - 14 CEU available
11 Mar 2017 Chinese Scalp Acupuncture presented by Dr. Jason Jishun Hao - 14 CEU available
05 Nov 2016 Caring for Cancer presented by Rylen Feeney Dipl. CH & ABT (NCCAOM) - 14 CEU available
11 Sep 2016 A Day with Jack Daniel: Safety, Ethics, and the Extraordinary Fu - 6 CEU
09 Apr 2016 Essentials and Advanced Practices in Auriculotherapy presented by Terry Oleson - 14 CEU available
14 Nov 2015 Health, Wellness, and the Five Channel Systems Using Needles, Touch, Essential Oils, and Stones on Acu-points - 14 CEU available
15 Aug 2015 ICD-10 Intensive presented by Mori West, - 7 CEU available
14 Mar 2015 Clinical Wonders with Acupuncture 1, 2, 3 presented by Dr. Richard Tan - 14 CEU available
07 Feb 2015 Acupuncture Insurance Billing presented by Mori West, - 14 CEU available
01 Nov 2014 Orthopedic Acupuncture: Treatment of Common Injuries and Pain presented by Whitfield Reaves, OMD LAc
15 Mar 2014 Chinese Medical Pediatrics presented by Jeffrey Yuen
02 Nov 2013 Fertility and Gynecology in Chinese Medicine presented by Randine Lewis
06 Oct 2013 Fall Member Benefit Seminar - A Day with Jack M. Daniel
13 Jul 2013 Wholistic Nutrition for the Chinese Medicine Practitioner presented by Rylen Lee Feeney
29 Jun 2013 Sole Awakening - Tuina for the Sole - Chinese Reflexology by Joanna Flores
07 Jun 2013 5 Common Healing Herbs and Spices to Use in Your Practice
09 Mar 2013 Clinical Wonders with Acupuncture 1,2,3 and Introduction to Global Balance presented by Dr. Richard Tan
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