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  • 26 Aug 2017
  • Printed Newsletter 4 times a year


Place a print Ad in the MAS Newsletter, published 4 times per year and distributed to all MAS members by mail.

Advertising Policy
Sun & Moon accepts black and white, camera-ready ads only.

Advertising costs:
full page (7” x 9”) - $200
half page (7” x 4.5”) - $125
quarter page (3.25” x 4.5”) - $75

MAS members receive a 15% discount. No more than 25% of
Sun & Moon will be devoted to paid classified ads.

Classifieds (text only) and announcements are free to MAS members.

Advertising and Copy Deadlines

March 24, June 1, August 26, and December 20.

For information about advertising or submitting an article to Sun & Moon, contact

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