To write to your legislator, please use your own professional stationary with a Maryland address.  Below are the members of the committee to whom you  should write.  If you click on their names,  their information and fax number will come up. Do not email them unless you attach the letter and follow up with a call to the staff to ensure delivery.  At this time of year (7 days left) Fax the letter. Fax me a copy at 410 849 3801.


To identify your legislator, go to and enter the addresses of your practice and residence.  Write to those delegates who are in your areas of residence AND practice. 


Norman H. Conway, Chair (410) 841-3407, (301) 858-3407 EASTERN SHORE
Talmadge Branch, Vice-Chair (410) 841-3257, (301) 858-3257

Susan L. M. Aumann BALTIMORE CO
Charles E. Barkley     MONTGOMERY CO
Gail H. Bates                                                                            HOWARD CO
John L. Bohanan, Jr. sponsor of the bill -  S MD
Joan Cadden                                                                            AA CO
Galen R. Clagett         FREDERICK CO
Steven J. DeBoy, Sr.  BALTIMORE CO
Adelaide C. Eckardt  sponsor of the bill  EASTERN SHORE
George C. Edwards    WASH CO
Peter Franchot            MONT CO
Tawanna P. Gaines     PG CO
Melony G. Griffith         PG CO
Keith E. Haynes           BALT CITY
Mary-Dulany James     HARFORD CO
Adrienne A. Jones        BALT CO
John R. Leopold           AA CO
Murray D. Levy             PG CO
Richard S. Madaleno, Jr.  MONT CO
Doyle L. Niemann         PG CO
Anthony J. O'Donnell    S MD
Jeffrey A. Paige             BALT CITY
James E. Proctor, Jr.     PG CO
Nancy R. Stocksdale     CARROL CO
Frank S. Turner              HOWARD CO