Integrating TCM with Five Elements
with Angela and John Hicks

Seminar Information

November 12-13 , 2011

Additional Day: November 14
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

21 CEUs Available (Approved for California CEUs)

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Chinese Medicine teaches that disease arises from three main areas: emotions (internal), climate (external) and lifestyle (miscellaneous/not internal, not external). Five Element acupuncture mainly deals with diagnosing and treating the internal causes, while TCM focuses primarily on the external and miscellaneous causes.

Integrating these two styles addresses all causes of disease, helps you to treat a broader range of conditions at the same time, and allows your treatment to reach a deeper, more profound level. This ensures that your patient’s body, mind and spirit are all supported.

Days 1 and 2
Integrating TCM with Five Elements

Using both practical exercises and theory you will learn to seamlessly integrate the two styles by:

  • Discussing where Five Element acupuncture and TCM overlap
  • Discovering the differences between Five Elements and TCM and how the integration of each aspect enhances diagnosis and treatment
  • Learning various aspects of integration practice to do with case history taking, pulse diagnosis, point selection and needle techniques
  • Identifying the main stages of forming an integrated diagnosis using case histories and patient examples
  • Learning other aspects of integration including the four levels of pathology and common pathogens associated with each constitutional imbalance
  • Understanding how to carry out integrated treatments so that you can simultaneously:
    • treat the constitutional imbalance
    • deal with pathologies and blocks
    • where necessary, reach the patient’s spirit
    • deal with signs and symptoms
  • Assessing treatment feedback and planning further treatments

Day 3
Deepening Your Diagnosis

Bonus day for only $95!

  • Learning skills to consolidate and simplify treatment approach
  • Identifying how “inappropriate” emotions create physical disease, practically experiencing bodily sensations for each Element
  • Discovering how imbalanced emotions keep patients“hungry” leading to behaviors that cause disease
  • Assessing how to deal with lifestyle changes, whether to give advice or treat the cause

By the end of this seminar you will understand how to enhance your treatment by integrating these two styles, including diagnosis, treatment, life-style changes and taking a wider view of successful treatment.

For practitioners who understand TCM and Five Element treatment styles, this seminar will deepen the ir skill and ability to use them together.

Angela Hicks and John Hicks

John HicksJoint Principals of the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, have been in practice since the mid 1970s. Both have studied and taught Five Element Acupuncture at the College of Traditional Acupuncture with JR Worsley. They co-founded the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine (CICM) in 1993 combining Five Element and TCM practice. CICM is one of the largest acupuncture colleges in the UK and graduates are awarded a BSc. Honors degree by Kingston University. Angela and John use Chinese herbal medicine, as well as acupuncture in their practices, are advanced practitioners of Neuro- Linguistic Programming and also practice Qigong. They have taught TCM to postgraduates for many years and developed the Clinical Integration course for practitioners wishing to integrate Five Element and TCM skills.

John HicksAngela is author of The Principles of Chinese Medicine, The Principles of Acupuncture and The Five Secrets of Health and Happiness. John is author of The Principles of Chinese Herbal Medicine. Together they wrote Healing your Emotions. They have also co-written the textbook Five Element Constitutional Acupuncture with Peter Mole