Heaven Above Earth: A Sacred Workspace

Sunday, November 23, 2003 9 am-4 pm


Highly productive people have a great sense of balance and harmony in their lives. How do we become fully available to the process of this wisdom? The art of Feng Shui can bring about clarity and synchronicity to support the intuitive, energetic, and alchemical levels of your life and work.

Hope's workshop will highlight the mystery of movement and currents of Qi for the creation of a productive and sacred workplace. In this workshop you will experience the physical expression of Qi through the five elements, as well as many Feng Shui adjustments and enhancing practices illustrated in handouts, a slide presentation, and through the exploration of many examples. The addition of specific aspects (placement, lighting, color choices, etc. ) will foster the awareness of this art's approach to the Tao of design. Hope will prepare personalized information for each participant for guidance in color choices and one's four best compass directions and ways to use them.

This will prove to be an enjoyable day of exploring the wisdom, power, and gifts of Feng Shui. Join Hope as she brings to light many potent and subtle ways to create graceful and inspiring environments.


  Biography: Hope Karan Gerecht is the author of Healing Design - Practical Feng Shui for Healthy and Gracious Living. A Feng Shui Consultant since 1988, Hope has consulted worldwide on thousands of projects, presenting spirituality as a tangible part of everyday life.

Hope's work incorporates her avid interest in health and her long-time studies in deepening the connection between the human spirit and one's surroundings. Her writing, lectures, apprenticeship trainings, and consultations focus on addressing the vital force behind matter for optimum health of body, mind, and soul. .