Bi-Obstruction Syndrome -
The Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Aspects of Pain
Jeffrey Yuen

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November 17-18, 2007
Saturday from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sunday from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Bonus Seminar* on Saturday from 8:00 am to 10:00 am

15 CEUs Available

Sheraton Columbia
10207 Wincopin Circle
Columbia, MD 21044

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The breaks on Saturday are 10 and 3 for coffee/tea and 12:30 for lunch. On Sunday, the breaks are 10:30 and 3 and 12:30 for lunch again.

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Bi-Obstruction Syndrome is one of the most common conditions encountered in modern acupuncture practice. Its etiology can originate from climatic exposures, pestilent factors (e.g., Lyme's disease), humoral disruptions, and anatomical injuries. In addition, sometimes bi-obstruction syndrome can develop as part of a progression of an unresolved pathogenic process.

Ranging from acute phases to chronic conditions at times debilitating during its manifestations or flare-ups the successful treatment of bi-obstruction syndrome can be considered crucial to a successful acupuncture practice.

This two-day workshop will focus on the treatment of bi-obstruction from numerous approaches, drawing upon the interpretations from the Nei Jing, the specialty of Wai Ke (Specialty of External Medicine), the channel systems of acupuncture, and the theories of Chinese Medicine.

In addition, information will be presented on the emotional and spiritual aspects of pain and its role within the human condition.

During the two-day seminar, the following topics are covered:

Day One, 10am-5pm:

  • Introduction to Bi-Obstruction & Its Etiology
    • Based on the Nei Jing
    • Based on Channel Systems
  • Wai Ke & Its Doctrines
    • Based on the Song Imperial Medical Academy
    • Based on Its Strategies
  • Notion of Pestilent Qi & Bi-Obstruction
    • Concept of Fu-Lurking Qi
    • Bi-Obstruction as a Dynamic of Preventing Internalization of Pathogens

Day Two, 9am-5pm:

  • Blood Stagnation in Bi-Obstruction
    • Role of the Emotions
    • Impact of Social Conditioning
  • Treatment Strategies of Bi-Obstruction
    • Implications from the Channel Systems
    • Cardinal Focus for Treatment Efficacy
    • Treatment Management for Chronic Conditions
  • Spiritual Aspects of Pain
    • As Resistance & Stagnation
    • As Non-Liberating Memory
    • As Grace

*Bonus Seminar:
While we are eagerly awaiting Jeffrey's arrival from NYC on Saturday morning from 8-10, come and enjoy:

"Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance Reimbursement (but didn't know who to ask)"

presented by June Morfe. She is as fascinating and informative as you could ever find on this subject AND you get 2 more CEU hours!! (2 CEUs plus 13 for Yuen = 15 CEUs possible total)

Jeffrey Yuen

Jeffrey YuenJeffrey Yuen comes from a Daoist lineage and is an ordained priest of two traditions of Daoism, the Jade Purity and Complete Reality schools. Jeffrey serves as Dean of Academic Affairs of the Acupuncture Program at the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences and President of the International Tai Chi Institute, both in New York City. Mr. Yuen was the first recipient of the Educator of the Year Award conferred by the AAAOM. He lectures frequently nationally and abroad. Recently, a post-graduate center for Chinese medicine was created in Dublin, Ireland devoted to his teachings of Classical Chinese Medicine.