Maryland Acupuncture Society, Inc.

Service on the MAS Board is open to any professional or student MAS member. Board members pay no membership dues and attend all MAS seminars for free!

Working with the MAS board is an excellent way to be of service to the acupuncture community, build professional contacts, and make a difference!


Current Board Members

President Steven Solomon
Treasurer Della Aubrey-Miller
Secretary/Newsletter Editor John Howard
Vice President, Internal Affairs/ Continuing Education Coordinator Barbra Esher
Vice President of External Affairs Ta-Ya Lee
Member-at-Large/Membership Chair Tricia Kramer
Student Liaison Nancee Baysinger

The MAS Board in  2006. Left to right: Ta-Ya Lee -VP for External Affairs, Maureen Nelis - Continuing Education Chair, Barbra Esher-VP for Internal Affairs, William May, registrar (not on the board), Steven Solomon - President, Della Aubrey-Miller-Treasurer, Tricia Kramer - Member-at-Large, John Howard - Secretary

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If you are interested in board service, contact the MAS board president by email at:


The MAS Board in December 2000. Left to right: Barbra Esher-VP for Internal Affairs, Kimberly Kelly-Rigsbee-VP for External Affairs (retired), William May-Member-at-Large (retired), David Blaiwas-President (retired), Tyme Michael Gigliotti-Secretary (retired), Sherry Smith-Treasurer (retired).

The MAS Board in  2002. Left to right: Ruby Bienert-Secretary (retired), David Blaiwas-President (retired), Jeffrey Yuen (not on the board), Barbra Esher-VP for Internal Affairs, Carolyn Shenmen-Member-at-Large (retired),  Della Aubrey-Miller-Treasurer.

Service on an MAS committee is open to any MAS member. Committee members receive a 50% discount on MAS continuing education seminars! Committee Chairs recieve a complementary MAS membership and attendance at MAS seminars.

The following committees are currently active:

Continuing Education Chair: Maureen Nelis
Public Affairs Chair: Susie Petrella
Legislative Chair: David Blaiwas

For more information or to apply, contact the president of MAS by email at:


December 2000: MAS board members Barbra Esher, William May, and Sherry Smith present committee member Merryone Brown (left) with a gong recognizing her hard work for MAS. She moved to Maine.
The MAS board and committees are governed by the MAS Bylaws. Members of MAS may request a copy of the bylaws from