Join the Maryland Acupuncture Society

To join, click on one of the links below. you can either:

  1. Click here to pay with a credit card online in the MAS Store and submit your application for new membership online, or renew your membership online. Select "MAS membership".

    You can also use this link to pay by check. Simply select "MAS membership" in the store, go through the process of filling out the information, and select pay by check during checkout. Then mail your check to us. When we receive the check we will finish processing your membership. Or,
  2. Click here for a printable MAS membership Application. Print the membership application, and send it to the address on the application with your membership fee payment by check.

All MAS memberships new or old, expire on October 31 each year.

A new member joining between May and August will get a 50% discount off the normal rates their first membership year.

A new member joining after August will have their membership last until the following year. For example if you join in September 2006, your membership will expire October 31, 2007 instead of October 31, 2006

Members will be removed from MAS membership by Jan 31 of each year if they have not paid their membership dues due the previous October 31.

Join the MAS

Join the MAS!

Full Professional Membership in the Maryland Acupuncture Society is open to all acupuncturists licensed in the State of Maryland.

Click here for Membership Benefits.

Student membership is a available to any person enrolled in a school of acupuncture, herbology, or Asian medicine.

Out-of-State memberships are available to acupuncturists not licensed in Maryland, such as licensed acupuncturists in Virginia, DC, etc.

Allied Health Care Practitioner memberships are available to any practicing health care professional, such as physicians, physical therapists, dentists, chiropractors, veterinarians, massage therapists, nurses, shiatsu practitioners, tai-ji instructors, etc. that are not also acupuncturists licensed in Maryland.

Organizational memberships are available to schools and other organizations in the Asian medicine field.

Associate memberships are available to anyone who is not an allied health care practitioner or acupuncturist. The associate membership does not get a seminar discount.

Allied Health Care Practitioner, Out-of-State and Associate memberships are not allowed to vote on MAS matters at society meetings.