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The older MAS store was closed on closed in May 2013. All CDs can now be purchased on the new website, click here. The member directory was moved from the old website to the new website on June 23, 2013 with the ability of members to edit their own profiles and have them appear live right away.
MAS held a seminar with Dr. Richard Tan on March 9-10, 2013. 212 People registered for the seminar! The subject covered was Clinical Wonders with Acupuncture 1,2,3 and Introduction to Global Balance. Click here to download the Brochure for the Seminar.
The MAS held its annual meeting on March 10, 2013. At the meeting, Colette McKie was elected to a 2nd term as Vice President of External Affairs, and Della Aubrey Miller was elected to a 2nd term as Member at Large. Tricia Kramer retired as Secretary after serving 3 terms. A new Treasurer, Ed Sweeney, was nominated and elected to the post of Treasurer. Candace Parsley was announced as the new Student Liaison.
Mas held another successful seminar - 156 attendees were registered for Kiiko Matsumoto's Ren Mai and Du Mai Treatments for Different Disorders Including Auto-Immune Conditions, November 3-4, 2012. For this seminar we were back at the Sheraton in Columbia, MD! Find details about the seminar on the continuing education page, click Kiiko Matsumoto's name for more details! Or click here to download the brochure for the seminar. (This seminar was not recorded).
Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Day was October 24th 2012! It is estimated that as many as 43% of Americans have used or are currently using some form of complementary or alternative therapy such as acupuncture or Oriental Medicine. This day is part of an effort to increase public awareness of the progress, promise, and benefits of acupuncture and Oriental medicine. Click here for a schedule of events that occurred!
There is a new Option for distance CEU using the CD on Manifestations of Shen. Like our other distance learning options, for $50 you can use our CD recording of that seminar by Jeffrey Yuen to get 14 CEUs by taking an exam and filling out a study guide after listening to the CD set. Ideal for getting in those last minute CEU. Order in our internet store! (May 24, 2012)
The MAS held its annual meeting on March 25, 2012. At the meeting, Tracy Soltesz was elected to a second term as president, Margie Siauw was elected to a 3rd term as Vice President of Internal Affairs, Belynda White was elected to a 2nd term as Vice President of Public Affairs. John Howard retired as Secretary after serving 3 terms. A new secretary, Camille Klinker, was nominated and elected to the post of Secretary.
A members only area is available on the website since February 12, 2012.
MAS sponsored an event! June - October 2012: "Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis Series" with Ross Rosen (Classes werel be held over the course of three weekends: June 2-3rd, September 22-23rd and October 20-21st - 2012) Click Here for more information.
Almost 200 people attended the seminar: Treating the Endocrine System with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine held March 24-25, 2012 at the DoubleTree by Hilton, Columbia, MD. Click here to download a brochure or find details about the seminar on the continuing education page, click Jeffrey Yuen's name for more details! The recording of the seminar is now available in the MAS store!
MAS held a seminar featuring John and Angela Hicks - Integrating 5 Elements & TCM Seminar on November 12-13, 2011, with an optional third day on November 14. Click here to download the brochure. The seminar was held at the Doubletree in Columbia MD. Click here for additional details.
MAS held an Ethics Seminar featuring Jack Daniel at the Double Tree Hotel in Columbia on Sunday, Oct. 30th, 2011. Over 100 acupuncturists registered for the class. The class will satisfy the 4 CEU requirement for license renewal in Maryland. Following the seminar, MAS held a member benefit private screening of 9000 Needles.The film is an inspirational documentary about Devin Dearth, who suffered a debilitating stroke. The documentary follows Devin's "unconventional journey" to China to participate in a comprehensive stroke rehabilitation program that includes acupuncture.
The MAS renewal and new member campaigns are complete! 81 members did not renew which is only 19.7% of members. Last year 21 % did not renew so this was a very good year for the campaign! Also MAS gained 31 new members during the campaign! MAS members were mailed a renewal form in the last week of October and mailings were sent to lapsed members and new acupuncturists. Members who did not renew were dropped from membership at the end of January 2012.
MAS appointed a Student Liaison! At the board meeting held October 21, 2011, Stan Fox, a student at Tai Sophia Institute, was interviewed and appointed. Stan promotedMAS activity among students. The Liaison post had been vacant previously.

The Maryland Acupuncture Society Legislative Advocacy Workshop was held on Monday, Sept 26th, 2011 from 9am – noon on the grounds of the Maryland General Assembly in Annapolis. This workshop covered important topics that affect acupuncturist's legal right to practice acupuncture free of legislative barriers. Topics included: purpose of advocacy and what risks exist for the practice of Chinese medicine; a film on the legislative process; tour of the General Assembly complex; history and political lay of the land; and strategies for influencing representatives. In addition, we helped each registrant identify whom their legislators are and on which committees those representatives serve.

In June 2011, a new member benefit was added! members of MAS are eligible to become a member of Tower Federal Credit Union. Click here for more information.

Together with the American Acupuncture Council, MAS presented the "Comprehensive Basic Insurance Seminar" on June 25th, 2011 from 8am - 5pm at the DoubleTree Hotel in Columbia, Maryland. This course covered the basics for members new to AAC's insurance class series or those who feel they need a refresher, and also covered several new topics for those who had taken previous classes. New topics included: Electronic Health Records, Personal Injury Claims and Worker's Comp.

See the American Acupuncture Council's website by clicking here or download the filer here.

MAS held its Spring Seminar with Dr Robert Chu Seminar on Master Tung's Acupuncture Magic Points on the weekend of March 12-13, 2011 at the Doubletree in Columbia. Click Here to download the brochure in adobe acrobat format or for the same information, click here. Tuition for the class included $150 worth of Master Tung's textbooks. 175 attendees attended the lecture, which included demonstrations and hands-on practice.

The MAS annual meeting was held Sunday, March 13, 2011, during the lunch break for the Robert Chu Seminar. There were 99 MAS members at the seminar who were able to attend the meeting. Board members presented their progress during the year and plans for the future. Elections were held and Tricia Kramer was elected to a second term as Treasurer. Ta-Ya Lee completed her third and last term as Vice President of External Affairs, and Colette McKie was elected by the members to that post. Della Aubrey-Miller stepped down from her board position as Vice President of Public Affairs and was elected to the open post of Member at Large by the membership. Belynda White was appointed by the board and ratified by the membership to fill the vacancy of Vice President of Public Affairs until the official election in 2012. President Tracy Soltesz presented the board's reasons for not becoming a not-for-profit organization based on recent research.

A new payment option was added in February 2011 to the MAS store. It is now possible to directly enter credit card information which is immediately sent to (not stored by MAS) which immediately charges the credit card. Google Checkout payment will still be available for those who prefer to use it. We have also added a password protected payment area for anyone who needs to make a payment to MAS, see the link for "Payment Area" at the bottom of the home page.

The MAS 2010-2011 membership campaign is over. During the campaign MAS membership increased by 48 members. However 21% of previous members did not renew and have been removed from the MAS list of members. This is an improvement from last year where 26% did not renew. 52% of memberships expired at the end of October. Members were sent an expiration notice in late October and response was strong! The campaign started October 7th and at that time, of the 401 members, 81% were up for renewal.

Colette McKie was appointed by the MAS board as the new legislative chair in December 2010, taking over from Tracy Soltesz who was elected president in Spring of 2010.

MAS had a fall seminar on December 4-5, 2010 with Jeffrey Yuen entitled: Nuturing the Unfolding of Life. Click Here to download the brochure in adobe acrobat format or for more information go to the Continuing Education page. The CD recording for this seminar is now available for sale in the MAS internet store. Click here to order.

A video/public service announcement (PSA), was created for Oriental Medicine Day this year! AOM Day was Oct 24th! See the video on You-Tube or on our public relations page. To get ideas of how you can increase AOM Awareness in your community, visit the AOM Day Official Website at

On Sunday September 19th, 2010 from 9am to 4pm. MAS held a member benefit seminar on Gua Sha and Cupping. Barbra Esher returned to teach this popular class which gave 6 CEU. The price of the class was $125 for members and included light refreshments and lunch. 67 people signed up for this class which was held at the Bon Secours Spiritual Center in Mariottsville, Maryland.

As of September 12, 2010, MAS began using Google Checkout to take credit card payments. Using Google Checkout has many advantages: MAS will not have access to your credit card number, and Google checkout has many features that we hope our members and customers will like.

In September 2010 MAS added distance learning courses to get Continuing Education Units (CEUs, or NCCAOM PDA points)! We started with an Alex Tiberi seminar on Orthopedics, and then added another popular seminar, Jeffrey Yuen on Cancer Care and Chinese Medicine.

You simply use the CD set you may have already purchased on Orthopedics, or purchase a new one in our store. Then you purchase the upgrade option for $50. This upgrade option allows you to take a test on the internet after listening to and studying the material on the CD set.

If you pass the test, you will be sent a CEU certificate for 14 CEU. It's perfect if you need last minute CEUs or don't have the time to attend one of our weekend seminars. Click here to visit the store. If you don't see the CEU CD option, either go to the Continuing Ed seminars or the CD Recordings.

On August 17, 2010, The ATTORNEY GENERAL DECLARES DRY NEEDLING NOT SPECIFICALLY INCLUDED IN PHYSICAL THERAPY STATUTES and Urges Physical Therapy Board to adopt rigorous standards of education and training for its licensees. Read the press release under the public relations tab.

The MAS annual meeting was held on Sunday March 21, 2010, 12:15-1:30 PM, during the lunch break for the Alex Tiberi seminar. Steven Solomon, who has served 3 terms as MAS president, stepped down and Tracy Soltesz, who has served as the MAS legislative chair, was elected as the new MAS president! John Howard was re-elected as Secretary, and enters his third term. Margie Siauw was re-elected to her second term as Vice President of Internal Affairs. Della Aubrey-Miller was re-elected to her second term as Vice President of Public Affairs. Tracy and Alice, the MAS legislative consultant, gave an update of the current bills in the State legislature.

MAS held its spring 2010 seminar with Alex Tiberi who presented: Aches and Pains: Chinese Medicine in the Treatment of Pain. The seminar was held March 20-21, 2010 at the Sheraton in Columbia. Click here for detailed information, or you may download the brochure that was mailed by clicking here. 168 people attended the seminar, which was an increase from the previous Alex Tiberi seminar in March 2008 attended by 97 people. Obviously a popular speaker!

The entire seminar was recorded and a copy of the seminar can be ordered in the store.

MAS sponsored another member benefit seminar on Sunday, January 31 from 9am to 5pm. The American Acupuncture Council Network presented a seminar entitled: ABC's of Documentation for Acupuncturists with Primer on Basic Insurance Billing. The normal fee for the seminar was $149 at the door. MAS members who preregistered took the course for $75. Click here to download the flyer.

Giovanni MaciociaOn November 14-15, 2009, MAS had a continuing education seminar with Giovanni Maciocia. 125 people attended both days of the seminar, 9 came Saturday only and 12 came on Sunday only. Click HERE for additional information. There were three topics covered: BODY-MIND MAPPING IN CHINESE MEDICINE: The physiology, pathology and point energetics of body areas, and THYROID PROBLEMS, and PROSTATE DISORDERS. A copy of the original brochure can be downloaded by clicking here. The seminar was approved for California CEUs. The entire seminar was recorded and a copy of the seminar can be ordered in the store.

The MAS membership renewal campaign for 2009 ended January 31, 2010. Members who did not renew were removed from membership and lost all their benefits.

During the campaign we sent out invitations to rejoin to members whose memberships lapsed, and invitations to new acupuncturists in Maryland.

On October 8, 2009, an email was sent to the membership asking them to renew early and save having a printed form sent. A final email was sent January 25, and there was a final flurry of renewals, with only 26% unrenewed. This is 6% more than last year, but these are difficult times.

need to renew
% of members
'09 campaign!
After seminar
New Year!
Final warning
6% > 2009

In 2009, The Maryland State Board of Acupuncture requires a minimum of 3 hours of ethics or personal boundary training to be taken every 4 years to renew an acupuncture license in Maryland. Click here to see the NCCAOM listing of Ethics courses.

The MAS board voted to appoint Belynda White, former MAS student Liaison, to take the position of Member-at-large/Membership Chair at the board meeting on September 4, 2009, to serve until the Annual Meeting in Spring of 2011.

The Jeffrey Yuen Seminar on Addictions: Treating the Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Roots was held at the Sheraton Columbia April 4-5, 2009. The brochure may be downloaded by clicking here. Or the information in the brochure may be viewed on our website page. To hear the first 45 minutes of the seminar from Sunday, click here to download an mp3 (podcast) file. This is a large file, 16 megabytes, and may take a long time to download if you have a slow internet connection.

This entire seminar was recorded and a recording can be ordered in the MAS internet store.

The Jeffrey Yuen Addictions seminar CD contains some very handy features. 1. Each track has a distinctive title that shows up on your CD player. Even the questions are labeled. We are trying to get the titles in the main iTunes data base as well, so they will show up on your iPod. If someone knows how to do that, we would welcome your help! All track titles are also offered in an Excel file on-line. There are 13-23 tracks on each of the 10 CDs , logically divided Francesca Paikaccording to the lecture. 2. Within the handout, the tracks are collated. While you are listening to the CD, you always know exactly where you are within the outline and can easily find your way back there. 3. We have also included a PDF of all of the drawings that accompanied the lecture, 32 altogether. They are also identified within the notes so as you are listening to the lecture, you can tell where he is in the handout but also what he is drawing on the overhead. We want to thank Francesca Paik for letting her Metal nature shine through in this artful and laborously created product.

MAS started a group on the Facebook Website in March 2009. All MAS members are eligible to join. The group allows group discussions, and questions to be asked of MAS board members and other members, and photographs or other information to be left on the group.

Click to go to the group:

The MAS Annual Membership Meeting was held Sunday, April 5 during the Jeffrey Yuen Seminar lunch break. Tricia Kramer was re-elected as treasurer, Kathy Crosland was re-elected as member at large/membership chair, and Ta-Ya Lee was re-elected for a third term as vice president of external affairs. Board members gave reports, and Ta-Ya Lee gave a report on a recent study she made on insurance reimbursement.

Steve KaufmanA short seminar on Chinese Patent Herbs, presented by MAS and Steven Kaufman was held on February 28-March 1, 2009, at the Sheraton in Columbia, Maryland. The seminar was restricted to 30 attendees and was full.

The MAS membership renewal campaign for 2008 ran from October 2008 to January, 2009. The table below shows the number of members whose memberships expired at the end of October, 2008. After the initial emailed request, we had 14 members immediately renew, and 13 more before the Hicks seminar early registration deadline. By the time that the letter asking members to renew was being prepared for mailing, we had 13 more renew. On October 30, a letter was sent out to 67 members whose memberships had expired in the last two years. By the time this letter was ready, 44 more members had sent in their renewals!

By the end of the weekend portion of the Angela and John Hicks seminar, 67 more members had renewed.

A final notice was sent January 28, 2009 to members who had not renewed, and the final tally was 85 who did not renew by the deadline, 20% of the membership which is not as good as the year before, but these were challenging times!

need to renew
% of members
email sent
Hicks deadline
Renewal letter
Lapsed letter
Hicks seminar
Final Notice
Campaign End

MAS sponsored another member benefit seminar on Saturday, January 31 from 8am to 5pm. The American Acupuncture Council Network presented a seminar entitled: How to Maximize Insurance Reimbursement for your Patient and for the Acupuncturists. The normal fee for the seminar was $179 at the door. MAS members who preregistered could take the course for $75. Click here to download the flyer. MAS was not handling registration for this.

Angela HicksJohn HicksMAS held a seminar with Angela and John Hicks , November 8-9, 2008. The seminar was a total of 3 days, split into two parts: The first part was - Two Days: Deepening diagnosis and treatment skills for constitutional treatment. This seminar was for both TCM and Five Element practitioners. It gave TCM practitioner’s tools to help them to diagnose a constitutional imbalance. Five Element practitioners gained structure and insight in order to deepen their existing skills. Monday part: One Day: Getting Better at Getting the CF. Those attending this seminar knew their CF according to the Five Element Tradition and were willing to talk about the way their life is influenced by it. The seminar was attended by over 150 over the weekend and over 80 for the extra day.

Click here for detailed information on the seminar

As of July 2008 there were 818 active licensed acupuncturists in Maryland based on information from the State Board of Acupuncture web site. 6 months before there were 820 active acupuncturists so there has been a slight decline in the number of active acupuncturists in Maryland. Since December 2007, 59 new licenses have been granted by the state, but 61 acupuncturists have not renewed their licenses, or gone inactive.

As of July 2008, 155 acupuncturist's licenses are in an "Inactive" state. This means they can return to active practice if they pay the current license fee and show their continuing education is up to date.

297 members of MAS are licensed acupuncturists, so that is over 36% of Maryland licensed acupuncturists.

1557 Licenses have been granted since the board came into existence in 1984. The attrition rate since 1984 now averages 48% over the 24 years that acupuncturists have been licensed, up from 45% last December and 41% in July 2006.

Association for Professional Acupuncture LogoIn October 2008 The Vermont Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine became the latest professional acupuncture organization to become an allied organization with MAS. The VAAOM will now be able to offer its members 10% discounts at MAS seminars, and MAS members will be able to enjoy 10% discounts at any VAAOM sponsored events.

MAS brought one of the masters of the acupuncture style known as Toyohari to Maryland on ToyohariJune 28-29, 2008. Approximately 32 Acupuncturists attended the intimate seminar, which was held at the Bon Secours Spiritual Center, Marriottsville, MD.

The seminar was conducted by Junko Ida, and assisted by several other experienced Toyohari practitioners. The seminar offered lots of hands on practice, alternating supervised practice with lecture. Toyohari offers non-inserted needling techniques, as well as pulse and palpation diagnosis, and the attendees were able to practice all of these under the watchful eye of the teacher and assistants. an agenda for the seminar may be found here.

Thanks to Zoë Brenner, Martin Feldman, Beth Creeger, Anne Garnett, and Carol Kari who assisted Junko Ida with the teaching. And thanks to Margie Siauw, the new continuing education chair, who made the arrangements for the speaker and the venue and made sure the seminar operated smoothly.

Acucode 2008 bookIn May 2008, MAS brought an additional benefit to its members. The Acucode book for the year 2008 was offered to members only at a discount. This book contains an alphabetized listing of all pain diagnoses, and over 150 billing codes from exam through treatment to allow acupuncturists to more successfully work with patients and their insurance.

MAS 2008 Annual MeetingThe MAS annual meeting was held on Sunday, March 16, 2008 during the lunch break for the Alex Tiberi seminar. 51 MAS members were in attendance.

The MAS president, Steven Solomon, gave the report on State of Maryland llegislative activities as Alice Neely Mutch, the MAS contracted legislative consultant, was not able to attend. One event that occurred this past year was an attempt by the State Board of Acupuncture to put through a "clean-up" bill that would have made small changes to the acupuncture law. This attempt was not successful and MAS supported the withdrawal of the bill because some legislators expressed interest in making substantive statutory changes to the scope of practice and putting limits on what "acts" could be performed by acupuncturists.

A discussion was held on the practice of herbology within the scope of acupuncture. A motion was passed to establish a committee to educate legislators and lobbyists on herbology.

There were changes in the board Officers. Della Aubrey Miller, who has served as treasurer since 2001, has resigned, and Tricia Kramer (who has served as member-at-large) was appointed to her place. The Secretary, John Howard, was re-elected. Steven Solomon was re-elected to his third term as President. Several new members have joined the board. Margie Siauw was elected as Vice President of Internal Affairs and Kathy Crosland was appointed as Member-at-large. The members voted to change the bylaws to make a new board position, the Vice President of Public Affairs, and Della Aubrey Miller was elected to this position.

The newest Student Liaison was introduced to the members. Belynda White is replacing Nancee Baysinger who has graduated from Tai Sophia Institute.

Alex TiberiMAS hosted a CEU seminar by Alex Tiberi Seminar March 15 & 16, 2008. He presented one day of: Yang Sheng (Longevity and Health) & Spirituality in Chinese Medicine and another day of: Breast and Prostate Health. A recording was made of the seminar. The seminar was attended by 97 people.

Click here for a copy of the seminar brochure or click here to see the same information on a web page.

During 2007 the Maryland State Board of Acupuncture established a new computer system to keep track of licenses. All records were thoroughly crossed checked with the paper files. The State Board also added to there website the ability to check an acupuncture license. This is done by going to, and clicking on the link for License Verification. The board can be reached for corrections at: (410) 764-4766, or email

need to renew
% of members
renewal mailing
after ethics


The MAS membership campaign was held from October 1, 2007 through Jan 31, 2008. Only 17% did not renew! This is the best renewal campaign since detailed records have been kept. A mailing was sent on November 19th, 2007 to all new acupuncturists who have been licensed in the last two years, inviting them to join the MAS.


As of December 2007 there were 820 active licensed acupuncturists in Maryland based on information from the State Board of Acupuncture web site. In July 2006 there were 829 active acupuncturists so there has been a slight decline in the number of active acupuncturists in Maryland. Since July 2006, 92 new licenses have been granted by the state, but 101 acupuncturists have not renewed their licenses, or gone inactive.Flags

As of December 2007, 139 acupuncturist's licenses are in an "Inactive" state. This means they can return to active practice if they pay the current license fee and show their continuing education is up to date. The board now limits acupuncturists to being inactive for a maximum of 6 years. But it is an easy option to allow an acupuncturist to take time off for whatever reason as going inactive only requires a one time fee of $100. Between July 2006 and December 2007, 24 of the 101 licenses that did not stay active were licenses that were made inactive.

299 members of MAS are licensed acupuncturists, so that is over 36% of Maryland licensed acupuncturists.

1509 Licenses have been granted since the board came into existence in 1984. That means 689 did not renew or became inactive (45%). This attrition rate is higher than the old rate of about 41% that existed in July 2006.

Jack DanielMAS gave another successful benefit seminar on Ethics on January 13, which was taught by Jack Daniel. 77 Acupuncturists attended the seminar on Sunday Morning at the Sheraton. Jack M. Daniel M.Ac.(UK), L.Ac., Dipl. Ac.,(NCCAOM), is Founder of The Whole Circle. He has practiced and taught Acupuncture in the United States and England since 1973 and professionally teaches ethics for acupuncturists.

The seminar was co-coordinated by Maureen Nelis and Margie Siauw. This will be Maureen's last seminar as coordinator.

Maureen NelisAt the end of November 2007, Maureen Nelis retired as continuing education chair and vice-president of internal-affairs. Maureen served MAS since 2002 when she began coordinating seminars for MAS as a committee volunteer. For the last 5 years she has been an essential part of the MAS team putting on the continuing education seminars, keeping the seminars running smoothly and coordinating check-in volunteers. The board selected Margie Siauw, former MAS student liason, to serve the rest of Maureen's term through April 2008.

Bi Syndrome ImageOn Saturday and Sunday, November 17-18, 2007 Jeffrey Yuen presented a seminar on: Bi Obstruction Syndrome - The Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Aspects of Pain. 256 attendees registered for the seminar, which made this the largest MAS seminar ever held. The seminar was held at the Sheraton in Columbia. Click here for more detailed information.

This time there was a special bonus seminar: "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance Reimbursement* *but didn't know who to ask" presented by June Morfe.

The seminar was recorded (both parts) and the recording is for sale in the MAS website store. The only glitch in the program was that the airline cancelled Jeffrey Yuen's incoming flight. However, the MAS staff smoothly dealt with the problem, moved the lunch break to 10am, Jeffrey arrived on the next plane, and spoke from 11:30 to 5pm.

For the first time, MAS started using auxiliary projector screens and a special camera that allowed everyone in the room to clearly see Jeffrey Yuen's interesting hand written notes and diagrams as he drew them and see his face clearly as he spoke. There had been complaints in the past due to the large attendance for this speaker that attendees could not see clearly.

Society for Acupuncture ResearchMAS was a major local co-sponsor of the 2007 Annual Conference of the Society for Acupuncture Research. The theme of this conference was The Status and Future of Acupuncture Research: 10 Years Post - NIH Consensus Conference. This conference was held locally at the University of Maryland in Baltimore (November 8-11, 2007) and was an excellent opportunity for MAS members and all acupuncturists to hear about the current state of research in acupuncture.

For more information visit the SAR website at:

Building Bridges Logo Building Bridges of Integration for Traditional Chinese Medicine – Transformation: Individuals in Balance; Families in Harmony is a landmark educational forum on traditional Chinese medicine for Eastern and Western health-care professionals interested in exploring this medical system’s growing role in integrative and complementary health care. October 18-21, 2007. Westfields Marriott Washington Dulles Hotel, Chantilly, Virginia. Visit or call 1-888-TCM-6909. CMEs/CEUs pending. 20% discount off registration fee for Affiliate members.

Meeting Point SymbolThe MAS Annual Membership Meeting was held Sunday, April 22, 2007 from 12-2 PM at the site of the Auriculotherapy seminar at the Sheraton Columbia. approximately 100 MAS Members were in attendance. At the meeting, members of the executive board presented reports of the boards activities this past year and future plans. Alice Neily, the MAS lobbyist, gave a presentation on activity in the Maryland legislature. MAS representatives used the past year to make themselves familiar and trusted to newly elected legislators.

Another exciting MAS benefit was announced at the meeting - Prior to the Fall MAS CEU seminar with Jeffrey Yuen on Saturday, November 17, June Morfe of Account Advantage, an insurance billing service, will give a presentation on maximizing patient reimbursements when they submit insurance claims. June recommends that all acupuncturists obtain an NPI number NOW. See our links page to obtain the number or click here, then click on National Provider Identifier.

The membership present re-elected MAS board members Della Aubrey-Miller as Treasurer, Ta-Ya Lee as Vice President of External Affairs, And Tricia Kramer as Member-At-Large.

Acupuncture Without Borders LogoMAS helped to sponsor the Acupuncturists Without Borders (AWB) organization in presenting a workshop on Maryland AWB Community-Style Acupuncture Leadership Training: How to do AWB Disaster and Trauma Work, July 13 - July 15, 2007, at the Sheraton Hotel - Columbia, Maryland. MAS members received a discount on the cost of the workshop. For more information, go to the AWB website (click on the following link).

Terry Oleson Lecturing on Auriculotherapy MAS held another successful seminar, this one by Terry Oleson on Auriculotherapy, on, April 21-22, 2007. Approximately 160 acupuncturists, physicians and other therapists enjoyed a lively presentation by Dr. Oleson who is the author of a landmark book in this field. Participants did hands-on work with finding ear points, and learned everything necessary to utilizing the information for diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of problems.

Acupuncture models pictureThe one day seminar on Ethics for 4 hours (fulfilling the NCCAOM requirement for Ethics) and working with Insurance companies for the next 3 hours, a total of 7 CEUs, was held on January 21,2007. Debra Persinger led an interactive exploration of common ethical dilemmas that acupuncturists could face in their practices. Jama Allers gave a high powered presentation as an advocate for health care practitioners on how to negotiate contracts, file claims, have the right paperwork and, making appeals against health insurance companies. Even though a snowstorm was brewing outside the hotel, the approximately 70 attendees' attention was riveted by the speakers!

The most recent information from the Maryland State Board of Acupuncture shows that the number of licensed acupuncturists in Maryland is declining! As of January 2007 there are 772 active licensed acupuncturists in Maryland. This is a overall decrease of 57 licenses since July 2006. Between July and January, 32 new licenses were granted, but 89 licenses expired and were not renewed.

1555 Licenses have been granted since the board came into existence in 1984, and 783 (50%) did not renew or have became inactive (including those who move out of state). Note that in July 2006 the attrition rate was only 41%.

date need to renew % of MAS members
Sep 21, 2006 282 76.8%
Sep 25, 2006 277 75.4%
Oct 4, 2006 272 73.5%
Oct 11, 2006 260 69.7%
Oct 17, 2006 250 66.3%
Oct 19, 2006 246 64.7%
Oct 25, 2006 229 59.8%
Oct 27, 2006 221 57.7%
Oct 31, 2006 203 53.0%
Nov 7, 2006 171 44.4%
Nov 13, 2006 160 41.3%
Nov 24, 2006 135 34.8%
Dec 7, 2006 124 31.2%
Dec 19, 2006 116 29.1%
Jan 4, 2007 112 28.1%
Jan 18, 2007 105 26.2%
Jan 31, 2007 93 22.9%

The MAS membership renewal campaign for 2007 ended at the end of January 2007! We sent out the official mailed notice on October 19, 2006. These results are similar to the year before - every year about 1/4 of the membership fails to renew, but we get new members to take their place!

Picture of fish in water from Giovanni Maciocia BrochureThe MAS CEU seminar featuring the return of Giovanni Maciocia was attended by 166 people. The seminar began with a detailed look at the Extraordinary Vessels and on the second day covered Advanced Tongue Diagnosis. Giovanni Maciocia's long-term clinical experience allowed him to give many valuable insights on these subjects. The seminar was held November 18-19, 2006, at the Sheraton in Columbia, Maryland.

On October 3, 2006 MAS sent out a survey to Maryland licensed acupuncturists who had never joined MAS (to ask them why they have never joined!) and acupuncturists who were members many years ago. Those who returned the surveys had a chance to win a free MAS CEU seminar!

Click here for details.

Map of MarylandIn the 10 month period between September 2005 and July 2006, the number of licensed acupuncturists went up by 22. There were 56 new licenses granted during that time, but 34 did not renew or became inactive. 1423 Licenses have been granted since the board came into existence in 1984, and 594 (41%) did not renew or have became inactive (including those who move out of state).

As of September 2005 there were 807 active acupuncturists licensed by the State of Maryland and 300 (37%) were members of MAS. By July 2006 the number of active acupuncturists had risen to 829 and 285 were members of MAS (34.3%)

Hand doing cuppingThe MAS held a special members-only seminar on Gua Sha and Cupping on July 16, 2006 from 9 am to 4 pm at the Turf Valley Resort and Conference Center. The seminar was taught by a team of instructors and volunteer assistants headed by Barbra Esher, and included hands on practice of  arts of cupping and gua sha. The seminar was attended by over 75 MAS members and was about one quarter students.

MAS Board in 2006The MAS Board in 2006. Left to right: Ta-Ya Lee - VP for External Affairs, Maureen Nelis (retired)- VP for Internal Affairs, Barbra Esher - continuing education coordinator (no longer on the board), William May - registrar (no longer on the board), Steven Solomon - President, Della Aubrey-Miller - Treasurer, Tricia Kramer - Member-at-Large, John Howard - Secretary

The MAS hosted a seminar by Alex Tiberi on Point Combinations for Common Difficult Problems April 8-9, 2006. Attendees were pleased with Alex Tiberi's exciting presentation style and the large quantities of practical, "no-nonsense" information that he gave out during the seminar on topics ranging from breathing and digestive disorders to cosmetic acupuncture. /p>

We had 156 attendees registered. The last time Alex Tiberi was here in 2003, we had a total attendance of 120!

Lobby of Sheraton Columbia HotelThe MAS Annual Membership Meeting was held Sunday, April 9, 2006 from 12-2 PM. Approximately 1/3 of the MAS membership was present for the meeting. Board members presented reports for the year, and the MAS lobbyist, Alice Neily gave a report. There was a long spirited discussion regarding the topic of acupuncturists and the insurance industry. Barbra Esher stepped down as vice president of internal affairs, and Maureen Nelis, chair of Continuing Education was elected in her place. Barbra will continue to serve MAS as the continuing education coordinator and bring exciting seminar speakers to future MAS CEU seminars! Nancee Baysinger replaced Margie Siauw as the Student Liaison. President Steven Solomon was elected by the membership to begin what was considered his second term as he served more than 12 months as a board appointee in that position. Attendees enjoyed a sumptuous buffet with vegetarian and seafood-tarian gourmet delights.


>lapsed members
Sep 30, 2005 242
Oct 27, 2005 226
Nov 9, 2005 168 (44%)
Nov 14, 2005 160 (42%)
Nov 29, 2005 114 (29%)
Dec 12, 2005 107 (27%)
Dec 19, 2005 101 (26%)
Dec 31, 2005 98 (25%)
Jan 4, 2005 97 (25%)
Jan 11, 2005 92 (23%)
Jan 31, 2005 90 (23%)

The MAS membership renewal campaign for the 2005-2006 year was in progress from October 2005 to January 2006. The table shows the final results of the campaign - better than last year, when 110 (27%) failed to renew.

Jeffrey Yuen

The Jeffrey Yuen fall MAS CEU seminar, November 19 -20, 2005 - Manifestations of Shen. was a big success. It was the largest CEU seminar put on by MAS to-date with 245 registered, and thanks to the efforts of Maureen Nelis, Continuing Education chair, Barbra Esher, Continuing Education Coordinator, and a hardworking staff of 10 volunteers, everything went smoothly.

Jeffrey Yuen, as usual, was amazing in the amount of knowledge he displayed on the subject of the shen. A thorough background was given and many specific treatments were described to work with shen disturbances.


At the MAS board meeting on November 18, 2005, the associate membership was defined, and a previous membership category, the allopathic provider membership, was expanded and renamed to the allied health care provider membership.

The associate membership has no voting privileges, does not get seminar discounts, and is basically a newsletter subscription.

The allied health care provider membership is intended for any person who works in the health care field, ranging from MD’s to Shiatsu practitioners, nurses, massage therapists, and psychotherapists. There are no voting priviledges (voting is only allowed for licensed Maryland acupuncturists as defined in the MAS bylaws). The allied health care practitioner membership is $100 per year.

Drawing of Dandelion

In April 2005, the Maryland Acupuncture Society opposed pending Maryland State legislation, HB 1305. House Bill 1305 mandated the inclusion of "alternative health care" into the Maryland State employees health benefit package with savings off the "hides" of acupuncturist providers going to a for-profit company out of Chicago.

Click here for a link to the Maryland State Government web page describing the bill.

Click here for a suggested letter to write to delegates.

Click here for delegates to whom letters should be written.

Click here for a letter written by our legislative consultant to the sponsor of the bill.

Picture of Jungle

The MAS Seminar on Ethical Issues for Acupuncturists & A Pathway Through the CPT Code Jungle seminar was held on Saturday May 14, 2005 from 9 am to 4:30 pm in Laurel, Maryland. 80 acupuncturists attended the seminar. Some of the information from the seminar on CPT codes for acupuncture has been placed on our web site under the reports and documents section. Click Here to see the information.

Picture of Acupuncturists in a seminarIn the six month period between September 14, 2004 and March 8, 2005, the number of licensed acupuncturists went up by 27. There were 43 new licenses granted during that time, but 16 did not renew or became inactive. 1332 Licenses have been granted since the board came into existence in 1984, and 548 (41%) did not renew or have became inactive.

The MAS annual meeting was held April 2, 2005, 12-2 PM at the Holiday Inn BWI, during the lunch break for the Kiiko Matsumoto seminar. There was a free buffet for all MAS members attending the meeting. John Howard was elected by the MAS membership present to fill the position of Secretary and Newsletter Editor to replace Ruby Bienert, who is retiring this year. Tricia Kramer was elected to the position of member at large and membership chair to replace Carolyn Shenmen who is leaving the area. Ta-Ya Lee was elected to the position of vice president of external affairs. Steven Solomon, was ratified by the membership to the position of president after being appointed by the board to replace David Blaiwas the previous August. David continues to attend Board meetings during a one year transition to the new president.

Kiiko Matsumoto and David Euler working on a volunteer patient136 People attended the Kiiko Matsumoto/David Euler Seminar on April 2-3, 2005 The topics of the seminar were Auto-immune diseases and Pain Management. Actual volunteer patients from the audience were treated and observed with a video camera and projector allowing everyone in the room to see the needling close up. Kiiko Matsumoto demonstrated her technique of working with diagnostic palpated reflex zones found at the abdomen, neck, and back and using needling techniques to produce immediate changes in the reflex zones. David Euler was on hand to provide insight and commentary during the treatments, as well as providing a steady hand for the camera.

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