Maryland Acupuncture Society News from 2002

Stories are listed in reverse chronological order.

MAS Board MeetingThe MAS board voted in September 2002 to make a change in the MAS fee structure. The membership type called "Allopathic members" (originally meant for MD's, vets, etc.) has been amended to be called "Allopathic / Out-of-State members" and will have a fee the same as Professional members. To be a "Professional member", a member will have to be licensed in Maryland and will have voting rights. "Allopathic / Out-of-State members" will be the same as Professional members but will not have voting rights. Out-of-State acupuncturists who previously were joining as "Associate members" will have to pay the new fee. "Associate membership" is only for non-acupuncturists. This is in accordance with the MAS by-laws.

MAS Board in 2002The MAS Board in 2002. Left to right: Ruby Bienert-Secretary, David Blaiwas-President, Jeffrey Yuen (not on the board), Barbra Esher-VP for Internal Affairs, Carolyn Shenmen-Member-at-Large, Della Aubrey-Miller-Treasurer.

Leon HammerApproximately 87 people attended the Leon Hammer seminar on Pulse Diagnosis at Turf Valley Conference Center April 27-29, 2002 sponsored by the MAS. Barbra Esher and her team of volunteers brought together another wonderful seminar. During the seminar at lunch, the annual MAS board meeting was held on April 27, 2002. A complementary lunch was provided for MAS members. Elections were held and Carolyn Shenmen was elected the new member-at-large and membership chair, replacing William May. Also officially elected were Ruby Bienert as Secretary, Susan Petrella as Vice-President of Public Affairs, Della Aubrey-Miller as Treasurer and Laura Mannis as Student Liaison. Davis Blaiwas was reelected as President.

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