Maryland Acupuncture Society Board Elections 2020

Service on the MAS Executive Board is open to any professional or student MAS member. Board members pay no membership dues and attend all MAS seminars for free! In addition, board members are given a travel allowance to attend conferences around the U.S.

Working with the MAS board is an excellent way to be of service to the acupuncture community, build professional contacts, and make a difference!

Click on the names below to see resumes: (some still being loaded that were received)

Positions up for Election and Candidates (updated March 4, 2020)
Title   Since Term Election
Denise Tyson (appointed incumbent) Elected by Ballot August 2019
1 Spring 2020
Secretary / Newsletter Editor Vacant
Spring 2020
Vice President of Internal Affairs Sheri DePetro (incumbent) Relected by Ballot April 2016 2 Spring 2020
Vice President of Public Affairs

Spring 2020
Member-at-Large / Membership Chair Vacant filled by appointment

Sept 2021

Sara Jaye Fenton (VP Public Affairs) - Elected by Ballot

Lynne Vance (VP Public Affairs) - not elected

Lourdes Martinez (member at large) appointed by board

Daniel Schrier (president) - not elected

Cindy Tran (secretary) - Elected by Ballot

Board members serve for a term of two years and can serve for no more than three consecutive terms in the same office. Most officers begin serving appointed (App. in the chart above)by the board and ratified by the membership at the subsequent annual meeting to fill out a term where the existing officer has resigned mid-term. Official terms start in even numbered years for the President, secretary, VP of public affairs, VP of Internal Affairs, and in odd numbered years for the remaining officers. 

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