AOM Day - October 24th

More than 3.1 million adults visited an acupuncturist in 2007, a figure that has risen sharply over the past decade. In 1997 there were 27 visits to an acupuncturist per 1,000 adults compared to 79.2 visits in 2007. To remain at the forefront of truly patient-centered integrative medical care, outreach is an important tool for building awareness about acupuncture’s safety and benefits.

The links below are a toolkit developed by the Council of State Associations (CSA) Public Education Committee, and the Maryland Acupuncture Society Public Affairs Committee.

  • Click this link for the AOM day toolkit. The toolkit is intended to provide everything you may need, from formulating an AOM Day outreach event, building partnerships, frequently asked questions, templates for communications, forms for initial contact and follow-through. They are designed to make your AOM Day event a guided and effective opportunity for building awareness of AOM through creating referral networks in your community and identifying allies in health and
    wellness promotion. You can also download free and steeply discounted, customizable AOM Day materials from Acupuncture Media Works.  The Council of State Associations - of which MAS is a member - will receive 5% of all paid materials to support future public education initiatives.

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