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Information on the office locations and practices of licensed acupuncturists who are members of the Maryland Acupuncture Society (MAS) are available on this page. There are 3 ways to search:

  • Use the simple search to find someone by name or other things such as city, street, practice description, office name, website, or email. For example type in "animal" to find those who describe themselves as animal acupuncturists. 
  • To find acupuncturists in a county, use the top section. At this time, you will may have to search three times as acupuncturists may have up to 3 offices. Only Maryland Counties are listed. Any office outside of Maryland will have the county name set to NA. Search only one office county at a time.
  • Use the advanced search to get more specific about searching in a particular information category and be able to apply rules to the search.

Click on the profile picture (if any) or view details to see the complete member profile. You can also click on the member's website for more information.

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