Maryland Acupuncture Society Board Position Descriptions


Duties Include:

  • Presiding over all meetings of the Executive Board and the general membership meetings
  • Reporting to the membership the activities of the board at the annual meetings and in the newsletter
  • Appoints committees as considered necessary and is a member of all committees informally
  • Representative of MAS to governmental bodies such as the legislature and the State board of Acupuncture.


Vice President of Internal Affairs

Duties Include:

  • Presides over MAS meetings in the absence of the President
  • Oversees the MAS continuing education program
  • Recruits volunteers to work at MAS seminars and ensures the smooth functioning of seminars
  • Oversees the registration of attendees at MAS seminars through the MAS registrar

Vice President of Public Affairs

Duties Include:

  • Attending Executive Board Meetings


Duties Include:

  • Producing the Newsletter
  • Taking Minutes at Executive Board meetings
  • Overseeing MAS newsletter advertising







Vice President of External Affairs

Duties Include:

  • Attending Executive Board Meetings
  • Presiding over meetings that relate to affairs outside of the MAS committees
  • Act as liaison between the Board and the committees for organizations outside of MAS such as insurance organizations




Duties Include:

  • Balancing the check book
  • Making Deposits
  • Writing Checks
  • Overseeing MAS debit cards
  • Attending Executive Board Meetings
  • Giving a report at the annual meeting
  • Working with an accountant at tax time



Member at Large

Duties Include:

  • Attending Executive Board Meetings
  • Running the MAS membership renewal compaign every year in October
  • Running the MAS new membership campaign in November each year, and promoting membership in the MAS.
  • Overseeing the MAS membership and state licensed acupuncturist database through the MAS membership coordinator
  • Overseeing benefits for MAS members


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