Maryland Acupuncture Society Vice President of Public Affairs


Vice President of Public Affairs

Duties Include:

  • Attending Executive Board Meetings
  • Supervising all communications with the news media
  • Supervising all advertising with or by the MAS
  • Be concerned with the public image of the MAS

Contact email:


 Name Start Date
 Time in Office
Thomas Ingegno February 2022 
Laura Sicari September 2021 5 months
 Vacant  July 2020 vacant 1 year and 2 months
Sara Jaye Fenton March 2020 4 months
Jennum O'Hara March 2018 2 years
Rabab Al-Amin April 2016 2 years
Sheri Barnes March 2015 1 year
Belynda White
 March 2011
 4 years
Della Aubrey Miller
 March 2008
 3 years
Francine Gordon
 April 1998
Walter Hayley
 April 1997

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