How to Download A Continuing Education Certificate

The following instructions will guide you through downloading your certificate:

Please Note, there are large changes being driven by NCCAOM which will affect how you will receive continuing education certificates from here on out, starting with the next MAS seminar presented by Jeffrey Yuen in March 2020. 

We will no longer be printing and mailing out certificates except in special hardship cases. 

All certificates will be generated by NCCAOM and delivered from them directly to you by email as an attached adobe acrobat file. 

There are two ways this can happen:

For a seminar, after we verify that you were present, a file gets uploaded to the NCCAOM with the names, acupuncture license numbers, and email addresses of all people who successfully attended the seminar. 

Except in very special cases, you will have to attend the entire seminar to receive a certificate. No certificates will be issued if you attend only a part, or leave before the end. 

For distance learning, or if you do lose a seminar, Maryland Acupuncture Society can send you an individual certificate by email using an NCCAOM portal. There will be a small charge for a replacement certificate if you just lost the one you first received at the time of a seminar. 

Now for past seminars back prior to the Lonny Jarrett seminar, the past method will still be used:

not all seminar attendees are set up for certificate download, only those who opted in to this method of getting a certificate. If you would like to download a certificate for a past seminar,  send an email to and we will set you up.

1. Using a web browser, navigate to the website

2. Log into the website with:

A username and password. If you have taken an eligible seminar that has downloadable certificates, you will have been emailed this password. If the seminar just happened, at least a week or more may pass before certificates are available, and you would have selected download your certificate when you register for the seminar. If you took this seminar in the past, look for your username and password after you log into using the area at the top right, and select view profile. Once you are logged in to the classmarker website then:

3. If you have taken more than one seminar with downloads, you will be asked to select your group. Select the desired seminar, and press the "Go to selected group" button. If this is your first download, you will not get this prompt.

4. You will see the name of the seminar, and a start button. Press that button.

5. You will be taking a survey/evaluation of the seminar, and brief instructions will be presented. Press the start button.

6. Select your answers. If you really do not want to take the survey, then just scroll to the bottom and press the Next button. You can answer any or all of the questions, and can skip questions you do not have an opinion on.

7. Finish up the questions, or if you do not want to complete the survey, scroll to the bottom and press the "Finish now" button. Press again to confirm.

8. You should now see a "Download Certificate" button. Press it, and your browser will download a PDF file with the certificate. What happens next is dependent on how your browser is configured to download files.

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