MAS Seminar Recordings

Did you miss that Maryland Acupuncture Society Seminar that you wanted to attend?

Not a Problem! MAS offers high quality audio recordings of past seminars.  Most sets have additional supplemental documents such as handouts, detailed track list, and speaker notes (where available).We live in a time of transition for audio recordings, so at this time, recordings come in three forms (some are not available in all forms):

  1. Audio CDs in sleeves in a case - can sit on your bookshelf or be easily carried! This form is being phased out. 
  2. USB data sticks containing the sound files. These are still mailed to you and can be played with a computer or in some cars. 
  3. Download versions are available for some recordings, you store the audio files on your computer and can burn a CD or make a USB stick. 

SHIPPING AVAILABILITY: The shipping office is open 7 days a week, shipments will not be sent out on Sundays. We use USPS priority mail for Audio CDs, which takes 2-3 days within the United States, and International mail which will take longer depending on the country. 

Use the search box below if you know the subject you are looking for. Otherwise see below for browsing instructions. 

Downloadable versions of Seminar Recordings 

Click A picture below to go to a download system on another website, these must be purchased one at a time, and do not work with the shopping bag system for the Audio CD or USB recordings. 

ADDICTIONS: Treating the Spiritual Emotional and Physical Roots.

8 Extraordinary Vessels and Fulfilling Destiny

Bi-Obstruction Syndrome

Unedited Downloadable Recordings

Click the name below the picture to go to a download for that seminar, choose from Cancer Care by Rylen Feeney or Fertility and Gynecology by Randine Lewis. 

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