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The best deal is:

For Maryland Licensed Acupuncturists only: Professional Member - Auto Renew.  Your credit card is charged every year automatically. No need to remember to renew, and you can turn off the service at any time. If you card cannot be charged, then you will receive a reminder. Get a $10 per year discount of the regular $100 member fee.

To renew your membership in the Maryland Acupuncture Society:

  1. log in below or in the upper right corner. Use the email you originally used to join or register for a seminar. If you have forgotten your password, click the forgot password Link below.
  2. Once you have logged in, if your membership is overdue, a small window will appear in the lower right, you can click on the window to renew and pay. Otherwise click View Profile in the upper right.
  3. In the profile under Membership Details at the top, either use the Renew button or the Change link to switch from , for example, student to professional, and to our newest category - Professional Member - Auto Renew (for Maryland licensed acupuncturists only).
  4. If you want to change the information that goes on the website for you, click on Edit Profile and or the Privacy Link to control what appears to the public.

You can also use this process to pay by check. Simply select your membership level, go through the process of filling out the information, but then don't complete the credit card payment process. Next mail your check to us at MAS membership, PO Box 5498, Takoma Park, MD 20913-5498. When we receive the check we will finish processing your renewal.

Starting September 2016:  the renewal date for all memberships will be:

  • one year after your previous renewal date for existing members,
  • one year after you first join for new memberships,
  • one year after you pay for lapsed members who renew, or
  • one year from the current date if you change membership levels.
Members will be removed from MAS membership within 30 days if they have not paid their membership dues before the renewal date.

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